Dan Forth

Managing Director

(704) 410-3233


Daniel A. Forth is a managing director and heads the Strategic Indexing Group at Wells Fargo Securities. Dan is responsible for directing new product development and supervising index licensing opportunities. Dan chairs the Index Review Committee which approves, amends and reviews all Wells Fargo Strategic Indexing products. The Strategic Indexing Group focuses on creating equity and fixed income indices for benchmarking purposes and/or to support investable products. The group currently maintains Common and Preferred Stock, Municipal, Hybrid Capital, Investment-Grade and High Yield Bond indices. Before starting the group, Dan was a member of the High Grade Syndicate Desk, where he created the Hybrid and Preferred Securities indices. In 2006, Dan developed the first preferred stock index linked to an exchange-traded fund. He now manages numerous fixed income and equity indices linked to similar exchange traded products. Approximately $50 billion is directly benchmarked to Wells Fargo’s family of indices through institutional portfolios and exchange traded funds. Dan has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, including portfolio management. Dan received his BA from SUNY Oswego.

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