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Why do I need to use my email address when signing in?
Instead of a traditional username and password, your email address is the only thing needed to access the website. Upon signing in, we will email you a unique URL which gives you access to the website. By using your email to sign in, we can ensure that no one else uses your account.

Do I have to sign in every time I want to access the website?
Nope! When you sign in, a secure session in your browser is created. By default, you will remain signed in even if you close your browser. Unless you manually sign out of the website, the session will remain active for a year. This means that after signing in, you can revisit the website without needing to sign in again.

How many times can I use the URL in my email?
The URL in your email can be used up to 5 separate times. If it has expired, simply re-enter your email address on the sign in page to receive a new email.

Will the URL work on other devices or browsers?
Yes, the URL is reusable on any device or browser.

Whenever I visit the website, I always have to sign in. What’s going on?
Many sign in issues are the result of entering your email address and clicking “Sign In” in one browser (like Google Chrome) and then clicking the URL in your email which opens in your default browser (such as Internet Explorer). Because these browsers are different, they don’t share sessions or data. Pay attention to which browser you are using and you should get signed in properly each time. If the problem persists, set your default browser to the one you use most often.

I have additional questions/issues. Who can I contact?
You may contact for any additional support needs.

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